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We used Marathon to replace the siding on our 100 year old house. I got several quotes from several companies and Ruben was by far the most knowledgeable contractor and the only one who pointed out that there were two layers of siding to be removed and that the original roof corbel details might be hiding underneath the siding at the top. The team got to work on time, communicated regularly, and worked very efficiently to remove the old siding, repair some wood rot, put up custom made window capping, and put up beautiful new siding. We were also thrilled to discover the *original* antique wooden corbels and the guys did a fantastic job sanding and restoring them beautifully. These guys are true pros and I wouldn't hesitate to hire them again!

Annie Mitchell

Ruben was a absolute pleasure to work with ! Very responsive and took care of our roof and siding . He provides great quality and pride in all his work . Was very impressed by his crew . Highly recommend !

Pat Loor

Marathon Remodeling did a wonderful job renovating our home. We asked them to install a new front door and steps with a rail on the exterior. We also asked them to remodel a bedroom with paint, lighting, and a fan installation. Finally, they created new stairs for us which included adding an iron railing, as well a wood floor remodel. They did a wonderful job overall. They were very responsive. They always fixed any issues immediately upon our request. They are a very professional company and extremely trustworthy! We are very happy with their work!

Kristine Hart

Ruben did a fine job! What I liked about him over others is that he visited multiple times and spent time analyzing what would look best for my house keeping in mind my budget. That extra care shown goes a long way! Attached are my before and after pictures

saad ar

Replaced my entire roof and damaged siding after Hurricane Sandy. Nine years later, I have no complaints. I even had solar panels installed a few years later. They did an excellent job.

David John

Marathon Remodeling was a pleasure to work with. The owner, Ruben was professional and got my roof replaced in one day. I am extremely happy with the results and would recommend Marathon Remodeling to anyone looking to have work done on their home.

Sandy O

Ruben and his team came in and rescued us from a bad experience with a previous contractor after our home suffered damage from a fire. We are so grateful for everything he did to help us out of a bad situation and to know we found a trustworthy company. He is honest and knowledgeable, and was always available to answer questions along the way. His team was friendly and worked fast. You will be in good hands with Marathon.

He is love

Ruben and his team were on point. Did an entire exterior renovation with new siding and aluminum wrapping on all windows and doors. The house looks brand new. They worked quickly, kept everything clean, and did an amazing job and kept attention to detail. Definitely recommend them and would 10p% use them for another project..

Nick JH

I had the exterior of my home remodeled and I am very happy with the results. It got new siding and aluminum wrap on all trim. Even a new beautiful front door was put in. Before, my house looked run down. Now it looks brand new and worth a lot more money. The work was done quickly and efficiently.

Steven T Meer

Ruben and his team were professional, courteous and did outstanding work. Great attention to detail. It is a pleasure dealing with a firm with this level of integrity.


They were very professional from start to finish. Always made sure we were notified throughout the job process. They were on time, extremely neat and addressed our questions and concerns immediately.

TroyDanielle Dorch

Highly recommended. We were in a bad spot. Tree fell on our house and damaged the roof and siding. A friend recommended marathon remodeling. Ruben literally showed up the next day. They were fast. Their work was immaculate and they had the best price.

chris mad

The service was top notch. My house looks so much better after the work was done. The price was very reasonable. I would definitely recommend them.

marta horvath

I met with Rubin for the first time on Friday to discuss siding our new house. Sunday morning I get a call from my Drywall subcontractor saying he has found leaks and needs to stop working. I immediately make a few phone calls to get anyone out there on a Sunday. The only person to call me back and send a man 2hrs later was Rubin.

He sent José who was beyond talented and kind. As quickly as he got on the roof he was able to identify all the problem spots. Within a couple of hours for a very fair price on a Sunday afternoon Rubin and Jose saved us from a huge delay that would've set us back weeks.

Believe me, this business can be very shady. These are the kinds guys you want to have on your job. Their pricing is fair. Their work is professional and they show up. They don't give you a start date, take your money and then make excuses why they're not coming for a few more weeks. These guys are honest and amazing! If you hire them you won't regret it.

Geena Buono (Dr. Geena)

The owner Ruben was accessible throughout our project. Answered all our questions, and finished the job in a timely fashion. I recommend him to my daughter for a remodeling project she starting soon.

Alexander Burgos

Used Jose for Hardy siding installation. Him and his wife were amazing. Ruben was attentive and gave us the attention we needed.

Jakob Weingroff

Marathon Remodeling was extremely professional. Great quality work at an affordable price. I would definitely recommend this company and will use them again in the future.

Diana Feliciano

Great company, great attention to detail. On time, precise work and left worksite clean after every workday. Highly recommended!


Quick and thorough job. Installation was done well without issue (Roof and siding)

Will Rodriguez

These folks are fast, professional and over the top customer service...! Unusually good

Paul Vangelder

Very experienced very professional highest quality work. Recommend!

Mary McTigue

Marathon Remodeling transformed my home... Roofing, siding, front steps and stone to the base of my home. I am elated with the outcome and will certainly recommend them to anyone! The level of professionalism was exactly what I was looking for and the cost was unmatched. Ruben is an amazing person and takes his time explaining everything (even to someone like me who has a million questions!) The work was started and completed as agreed upon and I couldn't be happier with the experience. Thank you Marathon Remodeling! I have said to many that have asked already... Call the Marathon Man!!

Rebecca Denis

The guys did a perfect job.

James Sisto